HP LaserJet Printer Repair

Los Angeles

Conveniently located near two major freeways, Laserser4less LaserJet printer repair offers rapid on-site certified HP LaserJet, HP LaserJet fax, and HP LaserJet MFP repair and service. Our technicians carry all of the common HP LaserJet, HP LaserJet fax, and HP LaserJet MFP parts, ensuring a 99% first-time, on-site repair fixed rate.

Orange County

Since the opening of our new HP LaserJet printer repair center in Orange County, you can expect even quicker response times. A two- to four-hour response time and traveling inventory system enables our technicians to repair your HP LaserJet printer the first time out. Whatever the problem is with your machine, we provide a solution.

Certified Repair Techs

Our HP LaserJet printer, HP LaserJet fax, and HP LaserJet multi-function service technicians are trained and authorized by HP. Laser4less HP LaserJet printer service technicians are required to participate in continuing LJ printer, LJ fax, and LJ MFP education. These HP-authorized programs ensure that our clients receive the absolute best laser printer repair/service.

In-House Repair

We proudly boast a conveniently located HP LaserJet printer, HP LaserJet fax, and HP LaserJet multi-function printer service center in Torrance, California. Our certified and authorized technicians are ready to meet you and take your LaserJet printer in. Bringing your printer to us can save you up $20 in service labor.


On-Site HP LaserJet Printer Repair Includes:

Rapid Two- to Four-Hour On-Site Response HP Certified/Authorized On-Site
  LaserJet Tech
Multi-Point LaserJet, Fax, and
  MFP Cleaning

HP Color LaserJet Printer Repair Includes:

HP Color LaserJet Printer HP Color LaserJet Fax HP Color LaserJet MFP (Multifunction)

Our HP-Trained Phone Staff Is Awaiting Your Call. Some Things to Remember When Calling:

 LaserJet Printer, Fax, or MFP Make & Model
 LaserJet Printer, Fax, or MFP Specific Problem
 HP Printer, HP Fax, or HP MFPs
  Applicable Error Codes
 LaserJet Printer Fax or MFPs ID Number

HP Parts & Supplies

Laserser4less stocks 99% of all HP LaserJet parts for all HP LaserJet printers, HP LaserJet fax machines, and HP LaserJet multi-function printers. This level of service is unmatched by any other Laser Printer, LJ Printer fax, or LaserJet multi-function printer authorized service center.

• All Our Parts Are HP OEM (Original
  Equipment Manufactured)
• We Stock Most HP Drums & Belts • We Carry 99% of the Common
  LaserJet Parts

Free In-House Warranty Repair Entails:

• No Service Charge for In-House LaserJet
  Printer, LaserJet Fax, or LJ MFP
• Warranty Verification for HP Printer
  & HP MFP
• On-Site HP Warranty Repair on All
  LaserJet Printers, LJ Fax, & LaserJet
  Multifunction Printers