HP LaserJet Printer Service

Los Angeles

Our Hewlett Packard LaserJet technicians are trained and certified to ensure that your HP LaserJet printers, HP LaserJet fax machines, and HP LaserJet MFPs operate at optimum levels. Our multi-faceted LaserJet servicing includes:

Top Down Multi-Point Cleanings
• Full Checkup on All LaserJet Printer, Fax, & MFP Components
• Diagnostic Pinpointing of Problem Areas
Installation of All LaserJet Printer, Fax, & MFP Parts

Orange County

In response to such high demand, Laserserv4less has opened a LaserJet printer service center in Orange County. You can look forward to speedier response times and lower service and repair rates.

Happy Customer

Multi-Printer Discount

Our low, flat-rate service fee gets even lower when our customers have multiple LaserJet printers, LaserJet fax, and LaserJet MFPs that need service. We appreciate your business and want to pass that sentiment along with our multi-printer service discount. Call us today to inquire about the savings you can receive on your service.

Service Rate

We charge a flat service rate to help eliminate any hidden charges, such as travel fees. There is one up-front cost with the workmanship you have grown to expect from HP. No matter how long it takes to service your LaserJet fax, LaserJet printer, or LaserJet MFP, our customers enjoy the same low one-time rate.

Multi- Point LaserJet Cleanings

Instead of displacing dirt and grime, our HP technicians are equipped with state-of-the-art toner vacuums that remove harmful paper dust and toner from your LaserJet printer, LaserJet fax, or LaserJet MFPs. Each multi-point service also includes a free greasing of your HP's critical LaserJet HP, LaserJet fax, and HP multifunction main drive assemblies.

Full Check on Wearable Components

Each time a printer is serviced, our technicians check all wearable parts in the LaserJet printer and make note of their condition. This allows our customers to take preventative action and guarantee maximum uptime for your LaserJet printer, LaserJet fax, and LaserJet MFP.

Service Diagnostic

HP technicians are trained to troubleshoot, isolate, and service HP LaserJet printers, faxes, and MFPs in a quick and efficient manner. This insures that you are up and running in the shortest amount of time. We understand that servicing your machine as quickly as possible is of the upmost importance. Laserserv4less printer repair goes to great lengths to guarantee you are receiving the service you deserve.


The HP service technicians at Laserserv4less are required to participate in HP's continuing education program. This ensures that our service technicians are up-to-date with the new LaserJet printer component installation techniques.

Service Agreements

Companies rely on our HP printers, fax machines, and multi-function printers to successfully operate their business. At Laserserv4less printer repair center, we tailor annual service agreements to ensure that your HP LaserJet printers, fax machines, and MFPs will operate like you need them to. Reach out to our Torrance, California, business to learn more.